Apple iOS serious security risks exist

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, July 6 (Reporter Zheng Qihang) – Responsible for the national German Federal Information Security Information Security Office 6 issued a warning that the U.S. most of Apple’s operating system iOS serious security risk that criminals may be infected by a PDF files to easily control the user’s iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPad, iPad2 and iPodtouch, and one steal personal information.

Warned, click on an infected PDF file or open a PDF file containing an infected Web page, the user may be unaware of the case so that the whole toxicity iOS operating system, so that the criminals gain control of the administrator’s rights equipment.

iOS4.3.3 version of the operating system and lower the risks are there, and later versions of IOS, the existence of that risk can not currently be determined.

Federal Information Security Office said that, fortunately, has not yet received the use of the vulnerability to attack the report, but can not rule out future criminals will use this hidden attack to steal user passwords, Internet banking information, scheduling, e-mail content, contact information, and even control the camera on the device, telephone tapping content, access to cell phone GPS location information.

The office also said that because the current iPhone and iPad products being used in senior management personnel is quite common, so this risk is likely to be used to steal corporate trade secrets.

Federal Information Security Office has informed Apple this risk, and suggested that Apple’s security patches before the Apple product users not to open unsolicited PDF documents, e-mail or Web site should not free to click a hyperlink inside, do not browse untrusted page.

Last August, the Federal Information Security Office has found a similar product in Apple’s security risk, this risk shortly after Apple introduced the patches.


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