Sony MD Walkman announced the sale of

July 8 pm news, announced last year to stop selling Walkman portable tape to hear Sony today also announced, MD Walkman will be discontinued.

MD is the abbreviation of the English MiniDisc, which means mini-CD, Sony and Philips in 1991, jointly developed products. Although not the formation of climate in the U.S. market, but appeared in the Japanese market in 1992 does indeed attract a lot of attention. The disc diameter is only 2.8 inches (7.1 cm), size is very small, but it can hold an entire CD of music.

In Japan, many people are on the way to work with portable music players, but also as a MD Walkman cassette and CD player alternatives. But with the arrival of Apple’s iPod, the market situation since 2001 has changed. CD and MD have been gradually replaced by flash. More importantly, iPod has become the iTunes digital music and video stores major hardware platforms. Sony Walkman brand is still sold to digital music player, not only store data using flash memory, but also launched a similar software with iTunes.

Sony said that as the last paragraph MD Walkman, MZ-RH1 will disappear next month in Europe, in September sold out in Japan, other Asian regions have to wait until around October. The company earlier this year in the United States to stop selling MD Walkman.

MD as a recording medium, but does not completely disappear. Sony said that sales will continue to MD recording equipment, while Japan and Europe there are still some demand for these areas correspondents and other professionals sometimes use these products instead of digital recording equipment.


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