Switzerland, the world’s most innovative

European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) recently released the “2011 Global Innovation Index” report shows that Switzerland is the world’s most innovative countries. The world’s top 20 most innovative countries and regions, accounting for 12 European countries, clearly ahead of other countries and regions. In this year’s rankings, China, Brazil and India were ranked No. 29, 47 and 62.

Innovation is seen as a national economic development and prosperity of power. INSEAD Professor Du Ta said the report covered 125 countries, accounting for 93.2% of the world’s population, share of world gross domestic product (GDP) of 98%. It analyzes the main indicators include: a stable political and economic order, a very good education system, high investment in research and development, efficient infrastructure, market demand and the high degree of these benefits translate into innovative capabilities.

In the above indicators, Switzerland is not a first. However, comprehensive assessment, but the Swiss number one. So the report, some experts questioned the credibility. However, Professor Du Ta retorted: “Many people think that Switzerland is a thing apart from any other banking quit the country, but if you look at the creation of patents per unit of GDP by the number, you will find the Swiss world number one in this area First. “


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