Hon Hai annual revenue will break $ 100 billion: 30 percent of Apple’s revenue contribution

Hon Hai recently published results show that in June 2011 from end non-consolidated revenue NT $ 228.4 billion (51.3 billion yuan, 79 billion dollars) over the same period in 2010 NT $ 197.414 billion (69 billion), up 15.7 percent, compared with 5 NT $ 200.561 billion on 13.9 percent, a record high this year; total first-half revenue NT $ 1.187914 trillion (413 billion U.S. dollars), representing an increase of 27.83% over the same period last year. Hon Hai Group, including Pan, Foxconn, CyberTAN, CMO, etc. combined June sales reached 272.687 billion NT dollars.

Revenue this year will break the $ 100 billion

Hon Hai June sales outperformed market expectations, setting a new high this year, the main benefit from Apple products iPhone, iPad driven by hot, in the second quarter revenue of 633.8 billion Taiwan dollars (220 million), compared with first quarter growth of 14.4%; industry estimates, iPhone5, iPad3 next shipment is expected in the third quarter, revenue will continue to push up the performance of Hon Hai, forecast full-year consolidated revenue NT $ 3 trillion will be challenges (1041 billion).

Industry analysts believe that Hon Hai sales in June hit a new high this year, mainly due to iPhone 4, iPad 2 shipments surge, coupled with improved yield, to help second-quarter profit rise.

Hon Hai Group, including Hon Hai, Pan, Foxconn, CyberTAN, CMO June non-consolidated revenue totaled NT $ 272.687 billion, if Pan, Foxconn, Chi Mei Optoelectronics announced consolidated revenue calculation, the total Group revenues in June amounted to NT $ 278.263 billion, of which only Hon Hai, CyberTAN unpublished consolidated revenue.

Guangyu June consolidated revenues of NT $ 1.234 billion, representing a decrease of 2.49%, total in the first half consolidated revenues of NT $ 7.484 billion, representing an increase of 7.39%; June non-consolidated revenues of NT $ 393 million. Foxconn June consolidated revenues of NT $ 6.571 billion, total consolidated revenues of the first half of NT $ 60.162 billion in June non-consolidated revenues 3.076 billion NT dollars.

CMO June consolidated revenues of NT $ 41.028 billion, representing growth of 1.6 percent in May, June, non-consolidated revenues of NT $ 39.779 billion; CMO June merger of large-size panel shipments of 12.319 million, representing an increase in May 1.3%, small and medium size combined shipments 34,964,000, representing a 14.2% increase in May. CyberTAN Technology NT $ 1.039 billion revenue in June, the annual reduction of 2.51%.

Apple’s new iPhone revenue contributed 30% of the profit will be compressed

Apple reportedly has been in preparation for the next generation of the iPhone’s components, and is expected to launch in the third quarter, but the new mobile phone manufacturing more difficult. It may give Foxconn bring headaches.

“The Wall Street Journal” reported that the new iPhone will be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4. If you can not improve the yield of Hon Hai, the new iPhone may be delayed listing. The next generation of the iPhone “high complexity and difficult to assemble.”

Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou in June this year when he admitted that iPhone production is very difficult. The company has vowed to improve gross margins and branched out into new markets.

But analysts generally believe that Hon Hai’s gross margin will continue to be squeezed. Morgan Stanley analyst Lv Zhiying (Jasmine Lu) in a study that, although the Hon Hai’s revenue growth because of Apple’s strong relationship, but did not actually think so sweet as the outside world. She said: “Apple has always been the primary customers of Hon Hai in 2010, the company’s sales contribution of 26% of our sales growth forecast from Apple in 2011 and 2012 were 52% and 33%, respectively, accounting for 30% of its total sales and 36%, we believe that Hon Hai is still iPhone 5 and iPad 3 major supplier of production, distribution rate close to 100%. Hon Hai from Apple’s growth is mainly due to Apple’s own growth, and Hon Hai’s distribution rate of non-expansion, this appears to be more harm than good. ”

Lvzhi Ying pointed out that the relationship between Apple and Hon Hai are very close, but obviously the reins are held in the hands of Apple. Apple is actively preparing for the new iPhone is likely to Hon Hai will be further squeezed.


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