Chen, president of Suntech’s U.S. operations determined to suddenly announced his resignation

Chen, president of Suntech’s U.S. operations determined (Steven Chan) in an email sent to Reuters said he had decided to resign from the company, but he did not say what the reason to resign.

Chen Lizhi, said in an e-mail, from the third quarter, he had to work to the delivery of Suntech America’s chief commercial officer Andrew BearingPoint (Andrew Beebe) and Suntech America CEO cold plum (Len May).

Chen Lizhi wrote in an email: “This thing might come a bit sudden, but management believes the sooner the better transfer of work Andrew and cold plum in Suntech work for many years, it should be no transfer of work the problem. ”

Chen determined in Suntech for five years, he said he has not decided what the next step.

Many solar companies have been reducing subsidies to the European market, an important impact on their sales and prices are subject to enormous pressure. Suntech’s competitors, ReneSola Ltd, STR Holdings, China Sunergy and the United States SunPower have announced a drop in profit margins or revenues.

But in the long run, the U.S. solar industry market is still the highest growth markets, its growth has exceeded the traditional solar industry market power such as Germany, Spain and Italy.


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