Global PC shipments in the second quarter 2.6% increase in volume ranking Lenovo Asus

July 14, according to Bloomberg News, Wednesday to IDC’s latest report, the global economic downturn and consumers’ preference for smart phones, tablet cases, the second quarter of 2011, worldwide PC shipments grew by only 2.6% year on year, to 84.41 million units. This is lower than IDC expected in May to 2.9% growth rate.

According to IDC, with the first quarter, the United States and Western Europe remain weak, reflecting the tight demand in mature markets and emerging markets, especially Latin America and Asia / Pacific (excluding Japan), performing better. IDC senior research analyst Zhou Jie (Jay Chou), said: “These data are preliminary results, but continues to reflect consumer and business products, competitive pressures, and the cautious consumer and business spending.”

By region

* U.S. PC shipments fell 4.2%, total shipments of over 17.8 million units.

* Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) PC market continues to shrink, due to weak consumer demand and inventories remain high, preventing sales growth, particularly in Western Europe.

* Japan affected by the earthquake, PC consumption is restricted. But the market grew 3 percent, exceeded expectations.

* Asia / Pacific (excluding Japan) to return to double-digit growth rate, just over 12%, slightly higher than expected.

Classified according to the manufacturer

* HP’s second-quarter PC shipments rose 3 percent, to 15.26 million units, the market share of 18.1%.

* Dell rose 2.8 percent to 10.93 million units, the market share of 12.9%.

* More than Acer Lenovo became the third largest supplier, an increase of 23%, reaching 10.28 million units, the market share of 12.2%.

* Acer shipments continued to decline, down 10.1 percent to 9.16 million units, the market share of 10.9%.

Asus rose 6 percent, surpassing Toshiba to become the fifth largest manufacturer. 447 million units shipped, the market share of 5.3%.


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