Lenovo topped the global PC hold onto third spot ahead Mobile Internet PC

According to the sound of economic reports, lenovo happy, international data constantly recently released IDC second quarter of the worldwide PC shipments, lenovo group more than acer become the third, and in the first three years later, lenovo once again into the global fortune 500. No wonder Mr Yang through the mail CEO lenovo to employees, propaganda delight shows.

According to IDC estimates published data, lenovo successfully kicked off the acer, become the world's third largest PC manufacturers, of global market share of 12.2%, and the number and the second is the best result for global sit the dell, only 0.7% of the gap, "super dell, HP" also seem to have been chasing for great possibilities. Plus after three years in fiscal 2010, lenovo has made more than $21 billion record income, back in the "fortune global 500 strong" list, a ranking, reaching new highs. Good health, and it's no wonder that lenovo CEO Mr Yang couldn't restrain his joy, he give the lenovo employees in the mail, DuoCi emphasize "is this landmark victory". For lenovo speaking, good things come in pairs is not enough, Goldman sachs stock also to perfected, to lenovo made maintain? Buy? Rating, target price of 5.5 yuan. Lenovo group China brand communications chief ChenDanQing said:

ChenDanQing: we to himself and full of confidence, in the past six consecutive quarter, we in the global 5 computer manufacturers which is the fastest growth rate, a quarter of the global shipments is 2.6%, we is 16%.

ChenDanQing also introduced to, lenovo now global layout, high-speed growth thanks to the domestic market and maintain in emerging market development, in domestic lenovo increased 12.3% last year, China's business in the sales of the global total contribution of 45% in emerging market momentum also is quite good, the huge growth reached 31.5%, even in the depression of Europe and the United States market, also a 7% increase. Mr Yang in the mail of illuminate will continue to implement the "defend + defense" double punch, the performance of the strategy is the main hero. With ChenDanQing words, the best defense is to attack.

At the time of the attack ChenDanQing: there are two pieces of business, in an expanding market, IBM's commercial business, one is in emerging markets, compound, which Africa, such as asean started our business, layout to small and medium-sized enterprise market and consumer markets as a development. We also see IT, in the fast development, the mobile Internet is a very good direction, so in the beginning of last year to develop mobile Internet and digital home business. We now have music, music, please pad on the smart TV.

International data corp. (IDC) said independent adviser to Mr Yang WanNing conservative style is so slow and assessment of the:

WanNing: Mr Yang regression CEO, conservative + enterprising style, in this performance has a lot of dash forward show, I maintain domestic market, in emerging markets, lenovo in emerging markets is a comparatively strong channel of the manufacturers, the style it successfully improved channel support, strengthening the domestic channel breakthrough mode, had a very good ascension, so in emerging market to see, lenovo should also obtain such reflection. We can say besides, lenovo successfully in China channel strategy to copy abroad, and see the results.

In fact the world's second season worldwide PC shipments dropped, the main reason is the iPad tablet computer by the impact, but lenovo will also mobile Internet as your future development direction, the reporter asked, the current mobile Internet market, and no one can say is the apple its right, lenovo this strategy will not make it double digit growth unsustainable?

WanNing: any a manufacturer, not to give up mobile Internet market, because this is a future. Include lenovo, declared his in this respect will be the strategy is the focus of the future, but after all, lenovo 70%, 80% market share or from the tradition of PC and laptop computers. I still see, lenovo is maintain it PC market, then it is all relevant strategic resources to mobile Internet do tilt. I believe that in the future for quite a long time, lenovo will in this two legs complete lenovo new transfer.

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