Mr Murdoch is a public apology letter published on the door

Rupert murdoch's news corporation is 15, the news of the world, interception scandal has released its first public apology letter. The letter also will tomorrow was in all British national newspapers.

Murdoch in apology letter: "we said in a series of serious mistake behavior, we apologize to those hurt by personal apology, we as soon as possible to solve these problems without regret."

According to the interception scandal has solutions, murdoch said: "I know only apology is not enough. In the next few days, we will take further action to solve eavesdropping on events, and the incident caused damage to eavesdropping on compensation. Please us wait and see."

On the same day, murdoch also visit to suffer at the home of an apology. Michael humanitarian

After the closure of the reported the news of the world journalists in 2002 and delete was killed on the mobile phone of girl way voicemail, leading to the police think that word is still human, to interfere with the case, the detection.

Word of family attorney, Louis said, murdoch humbly, family to word showed deep, sincere apologies. He said, rupert murdoch to hand hide thy face, and apologize repeatedly. Word of family says, rupert murdoch's newspapers should be in good faith and decent aspects, and makes the model should not make the wrong demonstration, practical action is more important than to apologize.

On that day, the news group of British branch international news chief executive Brooks also announced his resignation. Analysts said both shut down the news of the world or Brooks resignation are difficult to stop news group face legal investigation.

The fbi also began to news corporation to launch an investigation, see if they to the September 11 terrorist attacks on victims.

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