Three department as well as the national security crackdown, throw a and a private and express behavior

At present, express lost a has become the chronic illness, frequently express profession in the express industry is complaint line of the second position. Countries in the post office introduces, in recent years, criminals use delivery channels implementation illegal crime activity is multiple trend, theft, illegal detention, falsely claim, conceals, destroys and private dismantling cases occur frequently.

In conjunction with the ministry of public security, according to the national post office of homeland security joint of notice at all levels, postal administration and public security and state security department will carry out in-depth delivery channel public security management work. Among them, the postal administrative departments of public security, active coordination, such as national security for delivery channel safety supervision department, perfecting the supervision linkage mechanisms. Postal management department will deliver the major issues of the enterprise carries out supervision and report system, regular meta-analysis of theft, express mail, causes and characteristics of public security case law, strengthen the industry's warning. The public security organs in accordance with the supervision and guidance will enterprises to strengthen internal guard, urged the enterprise to carry out the "civil air defence, authors, attacking preventive measures, such as" public security to ensure delivery channels and mail, express security, etc.

China express association deputy secretary-general ShaoZhongLin says, this is the 3 departments coordination already a long time of things, the ministry of public security, national security, will participate in a behavior to express lost form powerfully. He also said: "now the express to steal a the most severe punishment is fired, the basic not sentenced, if the express to steal a will sit two years in prison, you see who also steal!" ShaoZhongLin says, according to the law, the common people in transit transport overview of substance is public property, according to the processing appear theft, should be sacrificed if stealing public property of sin.

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