Albert Yue Rong Chloride together to open up China’s UPS Market

July 13, 2011, Chloride Co., Ltd. (ChlorideS.PA) LambertoTassara president and his party visited China, and Beijing Albert Yung Yue Technology Co., Ltd. President Chengxiao Dan (Danny) Mr. Chloride UPS power supply business market development in China conducted in-depth discussion and reached agreement, Yue Rong Chloride authorized Beijing Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. for the Chloride product distributor in China.

President Albert Yue Rong Cheng Xiaodan

British Chloride Group was founded in 1891, is headquartered in London (London Stock Exchange listed company), as Europe’s largest supplier of production and service UPS, Chloride Group consists of UPS, industrial power supply, stable voltage power supply 3 subsidiary companies in the world with Bologna Italy, Germany E Erlan root, Lyon, France, Spain, Madrid and Chicago five major production bases in 120 countries with branches and service network.

As a global leader of UPS, Chloride Group, uphold the “remarkable power, long-lasting one” of the business concept, product research and manufacturing. From a single UPS to provide power supply products to provide complete solutions, Chloride has been committed to providing clients worldwide with security, stability, power supply protection. In the industry, Chloride its strict quality management company known for over 100 years of research and innovation Chloride constantly cutting-edge products to meet client needs, the world’s first choice for many critical power users, and the removal of four consecutive years “European UPS leaders” of the title. The latest TriNERGY series modular UPS, with three operating modes, up to 99% efficiency, excellent dynamic response capabilities, the development represents the highest level UPS. The Active A series of 1-20KVA Rackmount UPS, high power density, high efficiency, high flexibility, characteristics that can be directly embedded in small server room cabinet, the equipment room integration, unified management of a whole new experience …

The 1980s, Chloride products began to enter the Chinese market. In 2007, the establishment of Chloride Power (China) Limited. There are ten thousand sets of UPS products and services to China Telecom, financial, government, business and other industrial users. September 2010, Chloride as Emerson Network Power’s strong global brand of a product, for the marketing strategy adjustment. In China, Chloride channels of development through the expansion of market depth, and with Emerson’s service platform, with its nationwide service network, the service outsourcing to Emerson Network Power, Chloride service inherit the original work, ushered in the development of new opportunities.

Beijing Rong Yue Technology Co., Ltd is a dedicated UPS commercial high-tech enterprise application expertise, the company’s aim is to provide room for the data center room of high-quality equipment, UPS applications in the commercial profound accumulation. Company founder Mr. Cheng Xiaodan had APC, Avocent Data Center UPS room equipment such as head of China company, has extensive experience in the industry, known as “China’s UPS first person.” Yue Rong Albert also has a high-quality management team, other senior executives are engaged in the industry for many years UPS product distribution and technical services.

Chloride Co., Ltd. into the Emerson Group, the strategic adjustment of China operations, with local partners to expand the depth of the Chinese market. Mr. Cheng Xiaodan Jung founded Beijing Yue Technology Co., Ltd, with its application to business industry profound understanding of UPS, the senior room design and implementation of the project, a large number of distribution channel partners and industry customers to accumulate resources, to develop a Chloride China’s important strategic business partner. This time, a limited liability company authorized Chloride Yue Rong Beijing Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. China business has overall responsibility for Chloride’s UPS market, power and other future products, sales and channel development, and relying on the Emerson network, the service support, can be described as a perfect fit, will create a win-win cooperation situation.

According to authoritative statistics show that since 2008, China’s UPS market with commercial 9% -11% of the high growth rate continued to expand, market size in 2010 to 32 billion yuan in 2012 to over 3.8 billion yuan scale . Albert Yue Rong Chloride and agreed that in the next three to five years, as China’s UPS market will continue its rapid business growth, both sides are confident that with this opportunity to further expand the brand in the Chinese market CHLORIDE influence and competitiveness .

After a century, as Europe’s leading UPS manufacturers, and its “excellent power, long-lasting one” brand has won the European consumer awareness, the Chinese market as an important part of the global market, and is part of the high-growth, by Claudia Reid European headquarters of the attention. Mr. and Mr. Cheng Xiaodan LambertoTassara agreed on the need to deepen cooperation and further expand the brand in the next few years the business expanded rapidly to become China’s UPS market leader in business, we have reason to believe that this international brand Chloride in China will shine, for the development of China’s UPS industry into a new momentum


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