Lenovo selection of micro-public practice of public

Lenovo selection of micro-public practice of public

Wang Kai: With the improvement of living standards, people will find a lot of points to distribute our love, these points vary. With the new technology becomes more mature media, everyone may have the smallest details from this to express our love. Today, we talk about micro-charity to see if we can not because of public life and stylish, but can not because the public good. We know that Lenovo is now engaged in a micro-public contest. Lenovo micro-public competition is how to define “micro” word it?

Chenshaopeng: With this conversation, Lenovo officially launched in the country to “micro-charity to do extraordinary” as the theme of the micro-public competition. Activities begin from July 18 to end in early September. We will microblogging platform, for the country’s young people openly solicited the public good selection of micro-practice. We will provide comprehensive support for elite athletes. Lenovo youth social entrepreneurship program has been successfully held twice, this is the third. Microblogging platform particularly influential, this year the event moved to the micro-blog in the hope that activities of the wider community participation, public welfare through the microblogging platform to be more widely spread the love spread out widely.

Wang Kai: Speaking of micro-charity, you just read is a microblogging. May microblogging platform, in this based on the spread.

Chenshaopeng: there is a grassroots organization, grassroots public.

Wang Kai: how do you understand the grass-roots public?

Chenshaopeng: “micro-charity to do extraordinary” There are two meanings, the first layer of meaning is the activity moved to microblogging. Dissemination of results because most of this platform, it is easy for more people involved. The second layer of meaning is to encourage people to dig around to stimulate small social needs, and through their own practical actions, to express love and spread love. We mention public, may the actions of people get rich first, is the company’s operations, companies should donate money to charity. We feel that love is love everyone, everyone should be a small bit from around the needs of the community start to spread love, then become a pleasure. Public is not the kind of bitter, do not sacrifice their lives for many years, public life is a happy sun.

Wang Kai: So, think of doing is to help people help others.

Chenshaopeng: Yes, we are helping grassroots public interest organization, gave them love.

Wang Kai: the threshold is not high and this contest?

Chenshaopeng: any young friends, as long as there is a good idea, after the selection we will subsidize them, help them to practice. If you can win, we can continue to support them.

To do the same as public interest organizations do business

Wang Kai: “I am open network” is the founder of Wei Ke do small loans, but also doing public good, should be said that micro-charity, every penny because you are financing a small business opportunity, you told us say, then how to think, why create a public interest organization in China?

Wei Ke: I grew up always wanted public. Small, my family in the business and help the community. In universities, there is a relatively sudden opportunity, then I have been interested in China, but do not know foreigners can learn Chinese, the second grade when, on the economic classes and philosophy classes, my philosophy teacher is a very good Chinese foreigners. After the economy class on the finish, I find that we can model the economy poor, at that time decided after graduating from university, I began to come to China’s economic development career.

Wang Kai: Jia lead the past two years has been engaged in public welfare, ought not, be considered?

Jia Zhangke: Very important is the industry than the other is industry.

Wang Kai: When did you start making this public service video, I see you in the network above video is the first time in 2010?

Jia Zhangke: Yes, the movie is about environmental protection, in fact, I participate in public welfare activities are divided into first with microblogging microblogging. Before the micro-Bo, because I work in the film, framing the election scene, shoot, have the opportunity to travel around the country, at that time influenced me the most is the environment. Back home when the film Shanxi, Shanxi coal industry more, more severe deterioration of the environment. We are in the era of rapid economic development, but also a lot to pay the cost of environmental protection. I think the thousands of families involved in environmental protection, because everyone has to breathe air, have to drink water.

So, starting in 2006 film “Still Life”, focus and put the Three Gorges area, the “Still Life” is also a film about the environment. 2010 and shot a video called “black breakfast” is cooperation with the United Nations on environmental themes of the film is shot in my home. Before the micro-Bo, my focus and attention is a big social issues with environmental issues attract.

I open microblogging less than five months. Probably two weeks ago, I came across microblogging is a message, written above, there is a child in my home burns, burns after treatment is very difficult, to wear a mask every day life, called the mask doll. I really only see the micro-Bo, although I am Fenyang, he also Fenyang people. I know this microblogging thing on everyone’s public response to the call, which I also participated in the rescue. Later in the same situation would know a lot of people, those people who need help, if not through the microblogging way, we may ignore, we will not notice, or even turn a blind eye, but because of the microblogging platform, to convey information directly to, the people are already feeling the same heart, the first fluctuations will be emotional, there are hidden side of the heart, there is good will go to help, it becomes an action, before the public really into microblogging and microblogging.

Wang Kai: Do not know Kexin has no such feeling, a very good idea there, but would like to implement the idea, may experience many hardships and difficulties, especially micro-charity. Kexin Is there any confusion?

Wei Ke: In fact, we have every week a new challenge, this is very natural that business process. The main difficulties we have encountered no work experience, the official line-line, the establishment of volunteer organizations, and so on.

Wang Kai: As a grass-roots entrepreneurship, public record of this industry, how to let others believe? How to prove? Shao Peng what kind of advice?

Chenshaopeng: a charity organization on the one hand to gain the trust of others, on the one hand financing, to develop the volunteers involved and will contribute to the power went out, in fact or in creating a business, but a social enterprise, different from commercial enterprises, the need strategy, branding, human resources management, IT development. In fact, Lenovo is not the most money units, but our expertise, building an international business process, the accumulation of expertise, it is quite strong, so that we are mainly the association of professional competence, public service delivery to those organizations, social enterprises to help them build a sustainable brand, a stronger, more sustainable social enterprises. We have done a lot of work in these areas.

Wang Kai: You say the idea is very good, as do businesses do public interest organizations.

Chenshaopeng: Yes, as do businesses have to do public interest organizations to sustainable development, not just short-lived.

Wang Kai: You are talking too general, how do companies like to do the same charity organization, can give an example? For example, the confusion just mentioned two of us, how to manage volunteers?

Chen Shaopeng: For example, Lenovo’s worldwide more than twenty thousand people, how the staff is particularly passionate, good work, which relates to the incentives related to the organization. Incomplete incentive money, the company’s vision, the vision of public organizations is the key incentive. If you do not become an international association of the company’s vision, many people will feel, to where you can make money, why have to Lenovo, Lenovo is because there is a vision guidance, and then create a good cultural environment for everyone all very fair, and good work, effort, and can be a very good development opportunities, this business is very important, organizational vision, culture, environment, organizational leaders set a good example of the leadership of an organization’s development, management of a team is very important.

A great need for public imagination

Wang Kai: Actually do the public, will find the beginning, really like to do business, unavoidably, every detail can not relax. That matter, is the word – trust. Ke said earlier concerns, especially micro-charity, how to arouse the confidence of others, this is a very crucial topic. JIA can lead out of ideas?

Jia Zhangke: I think the publicity is very important, through the film, or by other art forms, the way people experience revealed, to share, it will become very prominent. I think, to awaken people’s public mind, is shooting this type of film, or that this type of writing a basic starting point.

On the other hand, is how to find some some experience, a mature welfare team, or the development of the NGO organizations, such a good project, we go to share their experiences, so that people are willing to do public service, able to get some experience sharing.

By association the opportunity to contest the micro-public, we collaborated three micro-film of three short documentaries, each 15 minutes, I am the producer, I find three very good young directors, together to complete the three short films, three video fields is done in the public interest to find three very experienced team, we track the shooting, and eventually a documentary in the network, microblogging on the broadcast, calling for everyone’s love, but also to share the experience of their actions.

We played a very good name because this contest particularly infect us, as you just said, want to help others who need help, we have the whole movie this time, a general topic, called “Legend of love” . Because you want to help a mask doll, lack of books to help children, even as love wardrobe through the details of their lives, found a way to rescue others. I think the public’s creativity, or public areas of creativity, by association out of love, love is a core, then think of creativity, because the public also needs creativity, can not be found living inside, is the need to help people, we ignore the people who can not find a good model to implement public service, I think there are imaginative existence. Therefore, the public is a great need for imaginative things.

Wang Kai: Yes, that is actually the process of doing public service to clear the course of each vessel, in fact, everyone has the desire to express their vision of love, whether rich or poor, will have this desire.

Jia Zhangke: I have a feeling the current economic conditions are relatively underserved areas, young children can share the contents of the spiritual world and the lack of books, lack of spiritual books, the organization, I have seen this problem, But not thinking about how to do it, I think I make a movie enough, is not a imagination, but the organization will have to imagine, in your business trip or travel time will pass by this school, this village, luggage back more than one kilogram, more than a few books to give back to those children. Maybe really, we were to change, often because of a book, a poem.

Chenshaopeng: Yes, this organization a few years, for their 1200 primary schools in remote villages such as funding, teaching resources, books and stationery.

Jia Zhangke: They not only send books to, they even told the children to chat, such as from Beijing to Hebei to Beijing in the situation, tell them to listen, to do face to face exchange, I think this is very valuable.

Wang Kai: I think we in the upgrade of public action, that we were talking about enough to eat, we let them have enough to eat, live, I let them live. With the development of society, in fact, fewer and fewer people, we may focus more on the spiritual level.

Chenshaopeng: in 2010 we funded a special project, called dream flowers. Hubei village inside a bunch of college students found that children can eat, but which lack the stylistic development of the school, they launched a project called dream flowers, which was built in the mountains, the magic school classrooms, in fact, style classroom. Lenovo support, they have built in Enshi eleven magic classroom, to help more than 3,000 students, develop their style strengths, as they open another window into this project is very cute.

Wang Kai: We see changes in technology, to all walks of life including a very public offer new platform. In this platform, we are free to dance, free play to their imagination, so that their full association. In this process, we can, now look, about the future direction of development of micro-What is the public?

Jia Zhangke: I personally feel that charity to go through several stages. First of all, have to have love. Feelings of love from the heart, with love, with such feelings after going up; more difficult is to stick with the after action, it is important to insist, persist in the power lie? Back to love, back to the public mind. For me, if given the opportunity, I would like to participate in public shooting, shoot some more short films, some of the film, from the emotional call, from the emotional impact on people. In this case, through the arts into the public welfare sustained momentum.

Will promote the public interest organization of ecosystems

Wang Kai: Shao Peng, how do you vision the future of public service?

Chenshaopeng: I think China now is the era of public good, especially the micro-public, especially with microblogging. I think the two forces, especially the future of the public key. First, the grassroots public interest organization is critical, because it is an aggregation hub, able to gather together all the energy. We will continue to promote youth social entrepreneurship program to help more young people to create public interest organizations, public organizations will build more powerful ecosystem.

Second, is to continue to use the Internet, mobile Internet, the power of microblogging fueled. Music Pad Lenovo Tablet PC, Music Phone and other mobile Internet terminals, allowing users access anytime, anywhere, so that mobile Internet extends to more people, micro-public – through the microblogging for public service, public participation through the microblogging love and respect will become a bigger influence.

Today is the association of micro-public competition start date, the event now and early September will be divided into four stages. The first stage is micro-public collection, the second stage is the micro-public training; The third stage is the actual micro-public; The fourth stage is the results show and awards ceremony. Award-winning charity called micro-star, three areas will be supported by Lenovo.

First of all, Lenovo will provide professional training, the entire ecosystem of public power inside the organization and grafted on them so that they become more powerful. Second, the association provided for each winning player’s charity 3-100000 yuan venture capital fund; …


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