Telecommunications terminal 11 to reduce the cost of test items decreased by about 40%

July 18,, in news held recently telecommunications terminal testing technology association in 2011 for the first time all member on congress, industry and the ministry of information telecommunications administration ZhangXinSheng inspector, said through the optimized adjustment, gave the information security, increase detecting interworking, and other aspects of the part of the project, canceled development mature, enterprise can guarantee the quality of the battery performance as part of the project, adjusted the does not adapt the technology development and the consumer demand individual project, on the whole project detection by 30 sports in the optimization for 19 sports in the testing costs, the average drop about 40%. At the same time, the telecommunications authority (key make connection of public service platform, perfect testing six public service measures, clear time node, the responsibility to implement, and help enterprises to improve product research and development, and the design level, improve the quality of products.

ZhangXinSheng points out, along with the rapid development of mobile intelligent terminal, its brings the information safety increasingly prominent, telecommunications administration will depend on the connection of telecommunications equipment, further strengthen the work permit mobile intelligent terminal information security management, maintenance national network and information security, protect the lawful rights and interests of consumers.

In April this year, the national development and reform commission issued the "and reduce the cell phone on regulating testing fees related problems in the notice of the" notice "requirement, from this year's June 1 reduce phone models for approval, gave permission and 3 C authentication test fees. At the same time, the notice of the terminal manufacturer had also opinion larger testing time is too long questions rule that required the various testing should be completed in the limited time, if the detection institutions, not the responsibility of the prescribed time limit, issue an inspection report of beyond the time limit within five days of charge half detect cost; Beyond the prescribed time more than 5 days shall not collect detect cost. At the same time regulation, to detect unqualified, inspected will no longer charge when.

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