Acer Acer set up global R & D center in Chongqing handheld device R & D

Acer Acer group in order to strengthen the smartphones and tablet computer research and development, was announced on July 18, Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) the company, as the smart handheld device of global research and development centers, and will and chongqing and China mobile (the Po) communication cooperation, the development of the related field application software and services.

Acer Acer on July 18,, in chongqing held Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) establishment of the company, the chongqing municipal government official ceremony also expresses support for the position. In addition, Acer Acer and chongqing economy and information committee and China mobile chongqing company signed an agreement to work in the research and development of the intelligent hand-held devices, and promote the development of related software and promotion service application.

Acer Acer this attend global r&d center with the establishment ceremony of the contract signing ceremony people including: chongqing mayor HuangJiFan, deputy mayor TongXiaoPing, Acer Acer touch business group of deputy general manager banyan, chongqing the gymnospennous letter MuHuaPing, director of the committee Acer Acer touch business group of Chinese touch division ChenGuoWei general manager with China mobile chongqing company general manager QinDaBin, etc.

Acer Acer said, Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) company by the global WengJianRen concurrently general manager, President of initial investment of $4 million, is mainly specialized in smartphones and tablet computer software development, will use in the Chinese market, the user behavior. The future will gradually development, and for future production base in chongqing intelligent handheld device to create favorable conditions.

At present, the Acer Acer team of researchers has the advance with China mobile chongqing company and the local IT enterprise cooperation and successfully developed related software, can be applied to Android platform of intelligent handheld device, not only can can meet the need of chongqing, civil servants working load the China mobile recently in chongqing city "the promotion" wireless relevant application.

Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) company and China mobile plan to further research and development of mobile electronic office, mobile electronic pay wait for new application services. Acer Acer intends to this as the starting point, and combining with China mobile, chongqing for intelligent mobile phone industry, and to discuss "terminal + service" product development way, promote additional value.

In early December last year, Acer Acer decided to collaborative foundry business and components partner, in chongqing deployment global manufacturing base, and notebook founded China the second operation headquarters. In may this year, Acer late Acer chongqing production base of goods start output. The smart phone and computer and set up r&d center, in the layout of the chongqing again deepening action.

Chongqing is the rapid rise of China IT industry city, with complete infrastructure and industrial settlements. The chongqing municipal government take "the supporting" laptop + development mode, "manufacturing industry chain extension + research", and the "trade + settlement" financial service system to promote the local electronic information industry chain to high-end direction.

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