America’s second-largest bookstore chain, liquidation or boost consumer digital book

The United States had sought bankruptcy protection this week’s second-largest bookstore chain Borders will go bankrupt liquidation, the industry that this book will be a further blow to the paper market, to promote digital books and readers consumption.

The bookstore employs 10,000 people, is the nation’s second-largest bookstore chain. In February, the bookstore had sought bankruptcy protection, but still substantial losses, publishers are unwilling to supply books in accordance with normal conditions. On Tuesday, the bankruptcy court plans to auction assets of the court, but no bidders for fear, Borders Books cancel the auction.

The bookstore said Thursday, will require a formal insolvency liquidation bankruptcy court. It is reported that the remaining 399 from the bookstore on Friday began clearing the earliest, to the end of September, the bookstore will be completely closed down.

Borders Books CEO Michael Edward (Mike Edwards) said, the parties have made the greatest efforts, but of events that he went to “sad.”

“Wall Street Journal,” commented that this large bookstore bankruptcy, will accelerate the traditional paper-based hard and soft cover book sales decline, prompting consumers increasingly turn to Internet to buy digital books and readers, or to mail-order books.


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