Lenovo Liu: the end of 2011 global market share over Dell

Second quarter of 2011, more than Acer Lenovo became the third largest PC maker, behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell. Lenovo Group chairman Liu annual meeting yesterday, said business in 2011, Lenovo over Dell by the end of 2011, there is no problem.
Lenovo Group chairman Liu Lenovo chairman Liu

Zhongguancun grew up as a private enterprise, Lenovo has gone through changes from small to large, Liu recalls, Lenovo Group, a business and had most of the enterprises has disappeared, Lenovo is one of the few still in the sustainable development of enterprises. In 1984, Liu and 10 engineers to start a business with 200,000 yuan, as of now, Lenovo has become a 35,000 employee international company.

In addition to the expansion of enterprise scale, Lenovo’s share in global times. Data show that in 2005 the Lenovo acquisition of IBM, its global share of only 2.4%, after the acquisition is completed, this figure reached 2.7%, after Lenovo Group of companies corporate culture and management team restructuring. As of last quarter, Lenovo’s worldwide share of 12.2 per cent, more than Acer to become third in the world.

On several competitors, Liu said, the end of 2011 more than Dell is not a problem. In fact, Lenovo and Dell had also had a market share of direct confrontation, that the main battlefield in China.

In 2001, Lenovo China’s market share reached a record 27.5%, but then decline in market share, Liu said the reasons for the decline is due to Lenovo in China, met a formidable opponent, the opponent is Dell.

According to Liu recalls, Dell’s direct model invincible, after a big customer business in China, direct use of direct marketing, quickly gained market share. Lenovo Group, after analysis, the business has been adjusted from the previous only sell consumer customers to dual business model: they do not only big customers direct channel sales.

Lenovo’s dual business model to help beat Dell in China, Liu, said in talking about the campaign, the success is due to association with a good culture system, it can be a good strategy to perform dual business model. In particular, he stressed that to do business is the most critical employees to shape the core values ​​and a good grasp of the enterprise’s own methodology.

Lenovo’s core values, that is to do, and Lenovo’s business methodology is for the well-known association of three elements: take the team, set strategy and lead the teams. Liu analysis, in addition to the three elements of a firm’s executive Lenovo, Lenovo over Dell’s another confidence comes from the association this year completed the acquisition of the German computer retailer Medion, with this acquisition, Lenovo to further expand market share, especially in Europe share.


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