Microsoft invested $ 15 million to promote education reform

Microsoft is increasing its education reform of the support, and focus on using technology to change the future of their children. Microsoft has promised investment of not less than us $15 million as of research and development for the foundation. The work is to create the next generation of learning required by the model, with the students and teachers resources comprehensive together. According to relevant personage says, the Microsoft investment will focus on three key aspects of the reform, increasing input, management information and support educators.

Microsoft's idea is will the game into the learning process. There is no doubt that the students in the game up enthusiasm and interest will be balanced to study. This concept is not new, but Microsoft's goal is from deeper this concept, mining and do some others are not.

Microsoft is preparing for a set of solutions to store student's learning process, the more important is that the user to enjoy the fun of progress. In addition, Microsoft still for educators prepared some training plan, so that they have enough ability to deal with education to the development of science and technology.

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