American physicists developed “time” stealth cloak can be 110 ns

Harry potter's magic spells-to a lot of people, the science fiction film about the invisibility cloak, but also attracts a lot of viewers eye, now this magical the invisibility cloak is no longer fantasy. Cornell university physicist team has successfully developed the global the first piece "time", it can not only cloak let objects in space, can even make invisible in time a blank clips.

It is reported, physicists to study group will a beam of light success through the two "time", then the "time lens lens" in beams of light before commencement of again, will slow it down and compression. It is in "time" caused a gap, and the gaps in any one thing, will thus be invisible to the naked eye can't see, with there, and disappeared. Usually, the invisibility cloak is distorted photons in a beam of objects invisible to, and this "time" is light on the cloak of invisibility effect to manipulate. The biggest difference is both to the bending of light, in "time cloak", no manipulation of light to bend, but first will light transmission speed slow down, and to speed up, and in "time" in the creation of blank, to complete the invisible object effect. But the "cloak behind" the completely different things, but will be the viewer clear to see.

Although, "time" experiment was a success cloak, but it will things invisible time is very short, lasts for only 110 ns, and physicists best last record also lasted only 120 ns of time. Even so, this "time" is still seen as cloak scientific a major breakthrough, is also called the "first generation" science fiction invention. According to "new science times" scientific web site description, "invisible" process is like freeway fast forward open traffic. Because if you want to create a space and highway cross feeling, will have to accelerate the speed of traffic. Also, if at some point in the highway traffic speed, the slow in other traffic flow are quick acceleration environment, will create traffic traffic between the blank interval, in this blank interval of any things shall be invisible.

For real life for the scientific community, the development of the invisibility cloak is always a dream, but it in science fiction and science fiction films is typical "common prop", especially when harry potter-put on the invisibility cloak, many harry potter fans are fantasy--to have a such a miraculous cloak. The invisibility cloak not only by the science fiction film director love, can "stealth" any elements can highlight the glamour of the science fiction film, for example in the science fiction film "interstellar get lost" in appear spacecraft, its top also installed can make the ship before the enemy "disappeared" cloaking devices.

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