Gravity music player Moosic need not bright screen can complete the operation

Moosic music player with many other applications different is that it allows mobile phone users do not need to light up the premise of the screen by gravity sensing some simple ways to complete the operation. For example, the user can be an iPod or iPhone through the left / right tilt of the ways to achieve the previous / next track operation, and up / down tilt is a pause and play. This simple mode of operation for the user to view the phone screen, not in the case of particularly suitable, such as while driving, you obviously need to focus on road conditions, while operating through Moosic gravity to switch songs while driving can greatly improve security. Moreover, users no longer need just to switch songs and light mobile phone screen, simply tilt your mobile phone will be completed, to a certain extent, improved battery life.

In Moosic set interface, the developer also offers users a number of settings for the user to fine-tune. Such as the opening tilt action, action interval, inspiration and so on. In fact, these settings for this for a living rely on gravity sensing applications is necessary, imagine the user a tilt switch for Moosic done after the actions in the song obviously will phone back into place, and if no user settings When, Moosic I am afraid it will perform another operation. Therefore, the user is necessary to set the sensitivity according to their own habits.

Moosic The main features include:

1 left / right tilt on the way to achieve a / next track

2 up / down tilt of the ways to achieve pause and play

3 twice to the left will tilt back to the song playing at the beginning

4 When the user back up the iPhone into the pocket or when, Moosic will automatically turn off the phone screen to increase the life

Currently, Moosic compatible with firmware 4.1 or more full-line and can be applied to iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad device. Interested users can download in the App Store, $ 0.99, size 1.0M.


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