AMD held in Beijing A series the APU experience conference

July 19,, AMD held in Beijing “extremely wisdom accelerate the event horizon” A series lead APU experience conference 200, more than from the OEM, channels and DIY and media representatives of on-site experience leading characteristics. The APU At the meeting, AMD has revealed AMDA series has been facing the laptop and DIY APU channel marketing comprehensive listing.


AMD vice President of global sales at this experience also nusca m j. DE will cause the opening words, and he said: “the APU is x86 processor was born DuoNian 40 to a significant breakthrough, it the revolutionary hypercore processor core fusion and only show in a chip, with both sides in the advantage and realize the CPU and GPU collaborative computing, each other up, to the user new speed applications experience.” This is a series of experiences conference held AMD the original intention.


This experience will is AMDA series the APU new visual experience tour last stand, had already in Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu hold. At the meeting in the greater China region, AMD products market TangZhiDe vice President introduced A series of high-end APU leading characteristics, and through the vivid spot demonstration showed in the APU acceleration, individual intelligence nuclear super computer, extreme visual performance, all the advantages of the calculation. In the demo, as you can see, A series of big lead on AMD APU product generation products or competitive products.


AMD China market vice President of marketing JiChaoHui also on the scene to share the AMD in A series of comprehensive APU promotion plan, to OEM and channel partners with strong support. In the experience of news briefing spot, from acer, asus, HP, lenovo, samsung has debut, the representative of the present to promote A new series of the guests APU notebook, fully displaying A series in hd video, game APU and excellent performance. And according to the introduction, the use of A series of the APU of A new generation of products have been listed also laptop sales.


Because of the experience, can see the conference experience area was occupied very big area, “personal intelligence respectively by the super computer”, “day”, “top calculation visual experience” and “hundreds” of nuclear speed up different theme is divided into different experience area, in order to video, material object demonstration, game interactive experience, show the way A series of features. Leading the APU


The APU is a kind of new processor, it will be the CPU and GPU to revolutionary fusion on a single chip, with the advantages of both, may realize the collaborative computing, each other up, provide customers with new application experience. AMD at the scene and now there are more than said 50 kinds of lead applications to support the APU acceleration, including IE9, Office 2010, Adobe, Flash, Player10.1, video player as well as many of the storm video and photo editing software, through the speeding up of the function, realized the APU more efficient and smooth operation and application experience.


AMD previously released E series and C series the APU, mainly in hd pamphlet, entry-level notebook and all-in-one PC market, such as by the manufacturer and user’s welcome, be the market products sell like hot cakes. The launch of new A series in the APU performance and on the function was greatly ascension, the price also is really see, look forward to its better performance.



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