Court documents show that Google intends to reconciliation and oracle Java patent

Google local time Wednesday in submits to the court documents show that the company for the first time might be willing to compromise and oracle about Android mobile operating system infringed Java patent lawsuits.


Google and oracle to court on Wednesday submit documents to the patent examination paper the latest progress of oracle, and they think that the case should be postponed if the opinions of the trial. Google said the case should be put off for oracle of trial and patent examination may reduce the scope of the litigation, reduce the requirements of the oracle compensation. Google lawyers in the file, narrow the range of lawsuit says that “both sides informal settlement possibility of lawsuit will improve”.


Focus on the case of patent lawyers to Florida Ann Muller (Florian Muller), said that despite the Google didn’t claim actively seek reconciliation in litigation, the documents on Wednesday marked the first time that Google might be willing to open it settled.


Google did not comment.


Oracle Sue Google in August last year the Android violated and Java the relevant patents, and asking for $2.6 billion in damages. Google is argued that Android do not encroach on Java patent, says oracle claim is “amazing”.


The settlement agreement may require Google for use in Android patent fee to pay oracle Java.


Oracle in Wednesday’s file says, it still against delay trial, one reason is that Google in digging the company’s engineers to help develop Android, “delay the harm of the trial is great, Android’s market share increased speed very fast, and every day the animated Android equipment more than 500000 sets (Taiwan), oracle’s engineers still to Google loss in”.


Patent lawyer David MiKeSen (David Mixon) said he believes the court may be delayed for oracle Sue Google infringed in Java patent lawsuits.



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