For the third straight quarter LG put loss outlook

Flat panel displays manufacturers LG put the second quarter earnings on Thursday. As the TV sets manufacturers to sharply reduce demand, to offset the tablet computer and intelligence from mobile phone screen manufacturers of revenue growth, apple LG put in the third quarter for a loss.


As the global economic uncertainty to drag down the television product market demand, in the second half of the TV demand could be weak in the same period in previous years.


Now, the growth of the LCD TV panel foreground is dim, because the developed countries of the many families will have to an old TV set flat-panel televisions, and already has a home more than television.


Industry analysts say, because of lower demand from TV manufacturers, TV panel manufacturers will later this year and tighten supply chain gradually production again.


LG’s chief financial officer James zheng (James Jeong said in a statement: “as the market demand uncertain conditions have lasted three quarter, we expect customers will continue to keep inventory strategy in the conservative attitude. LG put will also continue to rationally adjust the input resources.”


LG said, put in the third quarter, earnings before release the company won’t adjust the future performance expectations.


The LG put, several important after Asian LCD screen manufacturers such as samsung electronics, friend of photoelectric will also recently released quarterly results in the latest. LG put the unsatisfactory performance in the second quarter has been illustrated with this piece of areas of the market day is very difficult.


The personage inside course of study thinks, because the LG is apple iPad and iPhone, so the key panel suppliers of it may be less than the samsung also slightly better.


According to the latest results showed that LG put its second quarter operating losses for 48 billion won ($45.5 million), well above the average analyst forecast of 40 billion won losses.


In the past three months, LG put in the stock stable plunged 25%.



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