IBM: cloud computing and nearly brought the world IT shuffle

This morning, IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Center General Manager Zhu near attending the General Assembly, said cloud computing, cloud computing will lead to the re-shuffle the IT industry around the world, just as the Internet and e-commerce has created a lot of business companies.

Zhu near the first of IBM’s cloud computing model of the interpretation, she said that cloud computing will bring about change in general IT vendors to make their way from the traditional modes of service to the cloud services, specific performance: the ability of companies to provide services to the cloud establishment of data centers and software systems, and ordinary users only need to lease these IT resources, which IBM is playing a role in this cloud service providers.

In Zhu near view, the introduction and application of cloud computing landing, and the discovery and promotion of similar power. For example, she said, the scientists use to describe the power generator that the physical situation, and through the Edison electric light bulb to use for the people, the incidence of Edison is a landing application, while IBM is playing the role of the generator, using a global cloud computing data centers, IBM provides cloud computing to the enterprise resources, and IT companies like ordinary light bulbs to make these resources fall.

Zhu near analysts believe that now the development of cloud computing in the world has come to cloud the application phase, during which will bring many business opportunities, IT companies in the wave of cloud computing is bound to face re-shuffling, similar to when the tide of the Internet economy generated a lot of Internet companies and e-commerce companies, many of today’s cloud computing start-up companies will bring opportunities, such as to provide new business opportunities.


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