Many analysts estimate apple name in the greater China region revenue or already super association

According to bloomberg reported, many analysts think, thanks to apple name in Chinese market increased sales, apple in the greater China OuDeYing total charge might have more than lenovo. If this is true, and it is estimated in the past 10 years apple revenue for the first time in greater China market amount more than lenovo.


Bloomberg recently to four analysts do the results of the survey shows that during the second quarter this year, lenovo in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s total revenue is less than apple of $3.8 billion in the same period. Lenovo once in 2005, with the purchase of the IBM PC business department. Earlier this week, lenovo in the American market based on the Android platform released two paragraphs of the tablet computer in the American market, the purpose is to challenge apple.


Two years ago in the Chinese market apple iPhone sales smart phones. The company in China market revenue may have more than the amount that lenovo, apple market in China has made good progress. Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook (COO) (Tim Cook) to the analysts said this week, the apple in the Chinese market in business can only be regarded as “NiuDao test”.


Market research company JI Asia analyst gene-luis rafa benitez and DE mani (Jean Louis-Lafayeedney) said that at present the apple in the Chinese market’s performance is very good. Rafa benitez and the stock to lenovo’s rating to “Buy” (going). He thinks, lenovo efforts should be made to improve the smartphone and tablet computer of the sales volume, or apple in the Chinese market growth will pose a threat to lenovo.


HSBC analysts LaiHuiJuan (Jenny Lai) that so far this year in June 30 during the second quarter of the association in mainland China market, the sales of $3 billion, she is also given in the second quarter sales associate the highest analysts estimate.


Greater China region


Accept bloomberg survey of four analysts have said lenovo in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan market revenue the forehead, they have no more than apple in the greater China region revenue the forehead. If this conclusion, this also is established since 1998 apple in greater China revenue for the first time more than lenovo forehead. Lenovo is scheduled to release its second quarter earnings next month.


Apple said in its 2011 fiscal year ago three quarter (ended on June 25, 2011), the company in greater China sales totaled us $8.8 billion. The Chinese market and other emerging market sales growth, to a certain extent, reduce the apple in the American market growth slows down pressure. Apple’s chief operating officer, said: “the Chinese market cook for apple to earnings growth, the market is very important for apple to bring a lot of business opportunities. We in the Chinese market in all kinds of business still is just the start.”


Tablet computer


Apple in the Chinese market to track the performance of growth, means that lenovo will face more and more market pressure. Lenovo group CEO Mr Yang February this year, said competitors launch tablet computer, and make China after PC market growth slowed. Apple in September 2010 to start in the Chinese market sales iPad tablet computer.


Analysts estimate the greater China region for apple revenue is already more than lenovo’s view, lenovo in an email statement said: “we’re not going to the other company’s market performance comment. We in the Chinese market has been very strong earnings growth.” Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu (Carolyn Wu), also refused to contrast the two companies performance comment.


HSBC LaiHuiJuan, says that the iPad is the impact of not only lenovo, greater China’s all PC manufacturers are affected. Lenovo chairman liu in January, compared with apple says, lenovo know more about China market. He said at the time, lenovo will in the future by introduced a new smartphone and tablet computer to handle such as apple challenge.


Joy Pad


Lenovo announced earlier this week, will be in the United States market sales two paragraphs Android platform based on the tablet computer, and plan during the fourth quarter of the year introduce a based on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system of the equipment. In march this year, lenovo began in the Chinese market sales joy Pad tablet computer.


Apple in 2008 opened its first store in China. Apple’s chief financial officer (CFO) Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) on January this year, said apple is located in Beijing and Shanghai shops, has become the company customer flow and revenue is the highest inn location. In 2009, apple to China unicom (the Po) in the Chinese market sales iPhone smartphones. China mobile (the Po) last month said matters such as iPhone sales has held talks with apple.


YuanDa securities analysts Vincent van Chen (Vincent Chen) said: “lenovo hope in smart phones and tablet computer market, but will encounter many forged difficulties. Apple brand influence is very strong, it is difficult to any single company with competition.”



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