The new system will be apple “brush face”

Maybe later you to open his iPhone will not enter the password, but just “brush face”. The famous American technology blog 9 to5mac yesterday, apple will be in the disclosure of the latest operating system BIOS 5 out of the unique face recognition application software, according to the plan unveiled by apple previously, the latest operating system BIOS 5 will be released in the fall of this year.


According to reports, apple the launch face recognition application in face recognition, but the field of the start of the ambitious plan goal mainly is as open apis interface (application programming interface), facilitate integration to developers all the latest recognition technology. It is reported, apple this application can be facial features scanned, positioning users the position of the eyes mouth. Then through the scanning of the picture for face, all characteristics distinguish picture processing for the face spreads in integration. These technology, including the left eye orientation, the mouth right eye location, location, and other unique face positioning technology. Apple’s face recognition technology will also use dynamic imaging technology, make more clearly identify, image is more accurate.


In 2010, apple acquired a Swedish called Polar huang xiaorong technology company, the company is mainly engaged in the person face recognition software development, so the industry widely assumed, apple the launch of face recognition software from the company mainly applied research and development.



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