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The new system will be apple “brush face”

Maybe later you to open his iPhone will not enter the password, but just “brush face”. The famous American technology blog 9 to5mac yesterday, apple will be in the disclosure of the latest operating system BIOS 5 out of the unique face recognition application software, according to the plan unveiled by apple previously, the latest operating system BIOS 5 will be released in the fall of this year.


According to reports, apple the launch face recognition application in face recognition, but the field of the start of the ambitious plan goal mainly is as open apis interface (application programming interface), facilitate integration to developers all the latest recognition technology. It is reported, apple this application can be facial features scanned, positioning users the position of the eyes mouth. Then through the scanning of the picture for face, all characteristics distinguish picture processing for the face spreads in integration. These technology, including the left eye orientation, the mouth right eye location, location, and other unique face positioning technology. Apple’s face recognition technology will also use dynamic imaging technology, make more clearly identify, image is more accurate.


In 2010, apple acquired a Swedish called Polar huang xiaorong technology company, the company is mainly engaged in the person face recognition software development, so the industry widely assumed, apple the launch of face recognition software from the company mainly applied research and development.



Canon second-quarter net profit fell 20% compared to the $685.7 million

Canon second-quarter net profit fell 20% to $685.7 million compared to the world’s largest digital camera maker Canon Monday issued a the company in fiscal year 2012 the second quarter earnings. Results shows, because 3 ยท 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami Canon spare parts supply, Canon impact the second quarter net profit dropped 20% year-on-year. But Canon also said, by revenue increases and Japanese earthquake of the company’s performance than expected the impact of promoting this fiscal year, the company’s net profit will reach about 260 billion yen ($3.3 billion), 18% higher than previously expected.


As of June 30 in the second quarter net profit, Canon for about 53.86 billion yen ($685.7 million), compared with the 67.64 billion yen slipped 20%. Canon second quarter operating profits for the 78.41 billion yen, compared with the 113.44 billion yen dropped 31%; Canon JiYing accept for the second fortune 836.57 billion yen, compared with a 14% decline of 970.36 billion yen.


Canon said in a statement on Monday, the company this fiscal year could reach the net profit of 260 billion yen ($3.3 billion), 18% higher than earlier 220 billion yen. Canon also raised the company of this fiscal year sales, operating profits and professional SLR cameras sales expectations. Canon, the company annual revenue is expected to could reach 3.78 trillion yen, higher than previously expected the 3.73 trillion yen; Operating profits will reach 380 billion yen, higher than previously expected the 335 billion yen.


Canon in a statement at the same time also cut Japan earthquake to the company revenue of the impact of the expected. Canon current Japan is expected to earthquake to the company revenue brought 197.4 billion yen, lower than the influence of a prior estimate of 314.4 billion yen.


Many analysts estimate apple name in the greater China region revenue or already super association

According to bloomberg reported, many analysts think, thanks to apple name in Chinese market increased sales, apple in the greater China OuDeYing total charge might have more than lenovo. If this is true, and it is estimated in the past 10 years apple revenue for the first time in greater China market amount more than lenovo.


Bloomberg recently to four analysts do the results of the survey shows that during the second quarter this year, lenovo in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s total revenue is less than apple of $3.8 billion in the same period. Lenovo once in 2005, with the purchase of the IBM PC business department. Earlier this week, lenovo in the American market based on the Android platform released two paragraphs of the tablet computer in the American market, the purpose is to challenge apple.


Two years ago in the Chinese market apple iPhone sales smart phones. The company in China market revenue may have more than the amount that lenovo, apple market in China has made good progress. Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook (COO) (Tim Cook) to the analysts said this week, the apple in the Chinese market in business can only be regarded as “NiuDao test”.


Market research company JI Asia analyst gene-luis rafa benitez and DE mani (Jean Louis-Lafayeedney) said that at present the apple in the Chinese market’s performance is very good. Rafa benitez and the stock to lenovo’s rating to “Buy” (going). He thinks, lenovo efforts should be made to improve the smartphone and tablet computer of the sales volume, or apple in the Chinese market growth will pose a threat to lenovo.


HSBC analysts LaiHuiJuan (Jenny Lai) that so far this year in June 30 during the second quarter of the association in mainland China market, the sales of $3 billion, she is also given in the second quarter sales associate the highest analysts estimate.


Greater China region


Accept bloomberg survey of four analysts have said lenovo in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan market revenue the forehead, they have no more than apple in the greater China region revenue the forehead. If this conclusion, this also is established since 1998 apple in greater China revenue for the first time more than lenovo forehead. Lenovo is scheduled to release its second quarter earnings next month.


Apple said in its 2011 fiscal year ago three quarter (ended on June 25, 2011), the company in greater China sales totaled us $8.8 billion. The Chinese market and other emerging market sales growth, to a certain extent, reduce the apple in the American market growth slows down pressure. Apple’s chief operating officer, said: “the Chinese market cook for apple to earnings growth, the market is very important for apple to bring a lot of business opportunities. We in the Chinese market in all kinds of business still is just the start.”


Tablet computer


Apple in the Chinese market to track the performance of growth, means that lenovo will face more and more market pressure. Lenovo group CEO Mr Yang February this year, said competitors launch tablet computer, and make China after PC market growth slowed. Apple in September 2010 to start in the Chinese market sales iPad tablet computer.


Analysts estimate the greater China region for apple revenue is already more than lenovo’s view, lenovo in an email statement said: “we’re not going to the other company’s market performance comment. We in the Chinese market has been very strong earnings growth.” Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu (Carolyn Wu), also refused to contrast the two companies performance comment.


HSBC LaiHuiJuan, says that the iPad is the impact of not only lenovo, greater China’s all PC manufacturers are affected. Lenovo chairman liu in January, compared with apple says, lenovo know more about China market. He said at the time, lenovo will in the future by introduced a new smartphone and tablet computer to handle such as apple challenge.


Joy Pad


Lenovo announced earlier this week, will be in the United States market sales two paragraphs Android platform based on the tablet computer, and plan during the fourth quarter of the year introduce a based on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system of the equipment. In march this year, lenovo began in the Chinese market sales joy Pad tablet computer.


Apple in 2008 opened its first store in China. Apple’s chief financial officer (CFO) Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) on January this year, said apple is located in Beijing and Shanghai shops, has become the company customer flow and revenue is the highest inn location. In 2009, apple to China unicom (the Po) in the Chinese market sales iPhone smartphones. China mobile (the Po) last month said matters such as iPhone sales has held talks with apple.


YuanDa securities analysts Vincent van Chen (Vincent Chen) said: “lenovo hope in smart phones and tablet computer market, but will encounter many forged difficulties. Apple brand influence is very strong, it is difficult to any single company with competition.”


Lenovo strive to obtain 20% of China’s tablet computer market share

Lenovo group CEO Mr Yang said Friday, strive to get China this year 20% market share tablet computer.


Lenovo group from march this year started, this also is the tablet computer sales company to promote mobile equipment sales the key part. Lenovo sales of this tablet computer, use Google named Lepad andros operating system.


According to research firm analysys international, the data from sales on look, in the second quarter, lenovo has China tablet computer 2% market share. Apple had 74.3% of the market share.


For the third straight quarter LG put loss outlook

Flat panel displays manufacturers LG put the second quarter earnings on Thursday. As the TV sets manufacturers to sharply reduce demand, to offset the tablet computer and intelligence from mobile phone screen manufacturers of revenue growth, apple LG put in the third quarter for a loss.


As the global economic uncertainty to drag down the television product market demand, in the second half of the TV demand could be weak in the same period in previous years.


Now, the growth of the LCD TV panel foreground is dim, because the developed countries of the many families will have to an old TV set flat-panel televisions, and already has a home more than television.


Industry analysts say, because of lower demand from TV manufacturers, TV panel manufacturers will later this year and tighten supply chain gradually production again.


LG’s chief financial officer James zheng (James Jeong said in a statement: “as the market demand uncertain conditions have lasted three quarter, we expect customers will continue to keep inventory strategy in the conservative attitude. LG put will also continue to rationally adjust the input resources.”


LG said, put in the third quarter, earnings before release the company won’t adjust the future performance expectations.


The LG put, several important after Asian LCD screen manufacturers such as samsung electronics, friend of photoelectric will also recently released quarterly results in the latest. LG put the unsatisfactory performance in the second quarter has been illustrated with this piece of areas of the market day is very difficult.


The personage inside course of study thinks, because the LG is apple iPad and iPhone, so the key panel suppliers of it may be less than the samsung also slightly better.


According to the latest results showed that LG put its second quarter operating losses for 48 billion won ($45.5 million), well above the average analyst forecast of 40 billion won losses.


In the past three months, LG put in the stock stable plunged 25%.


Court documents show that Google intends to reconciliation and oracle Java patent

Google local time Wednesday in submits to the court documents show that the company for the first time might be willing to compromise and oracle about Android mobile operating system infringed Java patent lawsuits.


Google and oracle to court on Wednesday submit documents to the patent examination paper the latest progress of oracle, and they think that the case should be postponed if the opinions of the trial. Google said the case should be put off for oracle of trial and patent examination may reduce the scope of the litigation, reduce the requirements of the oracle compensation. Google lawyers in the file, narrow the range of lawsuit says that “both sides informal settlement possibility of lawsuit will improve”.


Focus on the case of patent lawyers to Florida Ann Muller (Florian Muller), said that despite the Google didn’t claim actively seek reconciliation in litigation, the documents on Wednesday marked the first time that Google might be willing to open it settled.


Google did not comment.


Oracle Sue Google in August last year the Android violated and Java the relevant patents, and asking for $2.6 billion in damages. Google is argued that Android do not encroach on Java patent, says oracle claim is “amazing”.


The settlement agreement may require Google for use in Android patent fee to pay oracle Java.


Oracle in Wednesday’s file says, it still against delay trial, one reason is that Google in digging the company’s engineers to help develop Android, “delay the harm of the trial is great, Android’s market share increased speed very fast, and every day the animated Android equipment more than 500000 sets (Taiwan), oracle’s engineers still to Google loss in”.


Patent lawyer David MiKeSen (David Mixon) said he believes the court may be delayed for oracle Sue Google infringed in Java patent lawsuits.


AMD held in Beijing A series the APU experience conference

July 19,, AMD held in Beijing “extremely wisdom accelerate the event horizon” A series lead APU experience conference 200, more than from the OEM, channels and DIY and media representatives of on-site experience leading characteristics. The APU At the meeting, AMD has revealed AMDA series has been facing the laptop and DIY APU channel marketing comprehensive listing.


AMD vice President of global sales at this experience also nusca m j. DE will cause the opening words, and he said: “the APU is x86 processor was born DuoNian 40 to a significant breakthrough, it the revolutionary hypercore processor core fusion and only show in a chip, with both sides in the advantage and realize the CPU and GPU collaborative computing, each other up, to the user new speed applications experience.” This is a series of experiences conference held AMD the original intention.


This experience will is AMDA series the APU new visual experience tour last stand, had already in Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu hold. At the meeting in the greater China region, AMD products market TangZhiDe vice President introduced A series of high-end APU leading characteristics, and through the vivid spot demonstration showed in the APU acceleration, individual intelligence nuclear super computer, extreme visual performance, all the advantages of the calculation. In the demo, as you can see, A series of big lead on AMD APU product generation products or competitive products.


AMD China market vice President of marketing JiChaoHui also on the scene to share the AMD in A series of comprehensive APU promotion plan, to OEM and channel partners with strong support. In the experience of news briefing spot, from acer, asus, HP, lenovo, samsung has debut, the representative of the present to promote A new series of the guests APU notebook, fully displaying A series in hd video, game APU and excellent performance. And according to the introduction, the use of A series of the APU of A new generation of products have been listed also laptop sales.


Because of the experience, can see the conference experience area was occupied very big area, “personal intelligence respectively by the super computer”, “day”, “top calculation visual experience” and “hundreds” of nuclear speed up different theme is divided into different experience area, in order to video, material object demonstration, game interactive experience, show the way A series of features. Leading the APU


The APU is a kind of new processor, it will be the CPU and GPU to revolutionary fusion on a single chip, with the advantages of both, may realize the collaborative computing, each other up, provide customers with new application experience. AMD at the scene and now there are more than said 50 kinds of lead applications to support the APU acceleration, including IE9, Office 2010, Adobe, Flash, Player10.1, video player as well as many of the storm video and photo editing software, through the speeding up of the function, realized the APU more efficient and smooth operation and application experience.


AMD previously released E series and C series the APU, mainly in hd pamphlet, entry-level notebook and all-in-one PC market, such as by the manufacturer and user’s welcome, be the market products sell like hot cakes. The launch of new A series in the APU performance and on the function was greatly ascension, the price also is really see, look forward to its better performance.