IBM: cloud computing and nearly brought the world IT shuffle

This morning, IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Center General Manager Zhu near attending the General Assembly, said cloud computing, cloud computing will lead to the re-shuffle the IT industry around the world, just as the Internet and e-commerce has created a lot of business companies.

Zhu near the first of IBM’s cloud computing model of the interpretation, she said that cloud computing will bring about change in general IT vendors to make their way from the traditional modes of service to the cloud services, specific performance: the ability of companies to provide services to the cloud establishment of data centers and software systems, and ordinary users only need to lease these IT resources, which IBM is playing a role in this cloud service providers.

In Zhu near view, the introduction and application of cloud computing landing, and the discovery and promotion of similar power. For example, she said, the scientists use to describe the power generator that the physical situation, and through the Edison electric light bulb to use for the people, the incidence of Edison is a landing application, while IBM is playing the role of the generator, using a global cloud computing data centers, IBM provides cloud computing to the enterprise resources, and IT companies like ordinary light bulbs to make these resources fall.

Zhu near analysts believe that now the development of cloud computing in the world has come to cloud the application phase, during which will bring many business opportunities, IT companies in the wave of cloud computing is bound to face re-shuffling, similar to when the tide of the Internet economy generated a lot of Internet companies and e-commerce companies, many of today’s cloud computing start-up companies will bring opportunities, such as to provide new business opportunities.


Gravity music player Moosic need not bright screen can complete the operation

Moosic music player with many other applications different is that it allows mobile phone users do not need to light up the premise of the screen by gravity sensing some simple ways to complete the operation. For example, the user can be an iPod or iPhone through the left / right tilt of the ways to achieve the previous / next track operation, and up / down tilt is a pause and play. This simple mode of operation for the user to view the phone screen, not in the case of particularly suitable, such as while driving, you obviously need to focus on road conditions, while operating through Moosic gravity to switch songs while driving can greatly improve security. Moreover, users no longer need just to switch songs and light mobile phone screen, simply tilt your mobile phone will be completed, to a certain extent, improved battery life.

In Moosic set interface, the developer also offers users a number of settings for the user to fine-tune. Such as the opening tilt action, action interval, inspiration and so on. In fact, these settings for this for a living rely on gravity sensing applications is necessary, imagine the user a tilt switch for Moosic done after the actions in the song obviously will phone back into place, and if no user settings When, Moosic I am afraid it will perform another operation. Therefore, the user is necessary to set the sensitivity according to their own habits.

Moosic The main features include:

1 left / right tilt on the way to achieve a / next track

2 up / down tilt of the ways to achieve pause and play

3 twice to the left will tilt back to the song playing at the beginning

4 When the user back up the iPhone into the pocket or when, Moosic will automatically turn off the phone screen to increase the life

Currently, Moosic compatible with firmware 4.1 or more full-line and can be applied to iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad device. Interested users can download in the App Store, $ 0.99, size 1.0M.

American physicists developed “time” stealth cloak can be 110 ns

Harry potter's magic spells-to a lot of people, the science fiction film about the invisibility cloak, but also attracts a lot of viewers eye, now this magical the invisibility cloak is no longer fantasy. Cornell university physicist team has successfully developed the global the first piece "time", it can not only cloak let objects in space, can even make invisible in time a blank clips.

It is reported, physicists to study group will a beam of light success through the two "time", then the "time lens lens" in beams of light before commencement of again, will slow it down and compression. It is in "time" caused a gap, and the gaps in any one thing, will thus be invisible to the naked eye can't see, with there, and disappeared. Usually, the invisibility cloak is distorted photons in a beam of objects invisible to, and this "time" is light on the cloak of invisibility effect to manipulate. The biggest difference is both to the bending of light, in "time cloak", no manipulation of light to bend, but first will light transmission speed slow down, and to speed up, and in "time" in the creation of blank, to complete the invisible object effect. But the "cloak behind" the completely different things, but will be the viewer clear to see.

Although, "time" experiment was a success cloak, but it will things invisible time is very short, lasts for only 110 ns, and physicists best last record also lasted only 120 ns of time. Even so, this "time" is still seen as cloak scientific a major breakthrough, is also called the "first generation" science fiction invention. According to "new science times" scientific web site description, "invisible" process is like freeway fast forward open traffic. Because if you want to create a space and highway cross feeling, will have to accelerate the speed of traffic. Also, if at some point in the highway traffic speed, the slow in other traffic flow are quick acceleration environment, will create traffic traffic between the blank interval, in this blank interval of any things shall be invisible.

For real life for the scientific community, the development of the invisibility cloak is always a dream, but it in science fiction and science fiction films is typical "common prop", especially when harry potter-put on the invisibility cloak, many harry potter fans are fantasy--to have a such a miraculous cloak. The invisibility cloak not only by the science fiction film director love, can "stealth" any elements can highlight the glamour of the science fiction film, for example in the science fiction film "interstellar get lost" in appear spacecraft, its top also installed can make the ship before the enemy "disappeared" cloaking devices.

Microsoft invested $ 15 million to promote education reform

Microsoft is increasing its education reform of the support, and focus on using technology to change the future of their children. Microsoft has promised investment of not less than us $15 million as of research and development for the foundation. The work is to create the next generation of learning required by the model, with the students and teachers resources comprehensive together. According to relevant personage says, the Microsoft investment will focus on three key aspects of the reform, increasing input, management information and support educators.

Microsoft's idea is will the game into the learning process. There is no doubt that the students in the game up enthusiasm and interest will be balanced to study. This concept is not new, but Microsoft's goal is from deeper this concept, mining and do some others are not.

Microsoft is preparing for a set of solutions to store student's learning process, the more important is that the user to enjoy the fun of progress. In addition, Microsoft still for educators prepared some training plan, so that they have enough ability to deal with education to the development of science and technology.

Acer Acer set up global R & D center in Chongqing handheld device R & D

Acer Acer group in order to strengthen the smartphones and tablet computer research and development, was announced on July 18, Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) the company, as the smart handheld device of global research and development centers, and will and chongqing and China mobile (the Po) communication cooperation, the development of the related field application software and services.

Acer Acer on July 18,, in chongqing held Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) establishment of the company, the chongqing municipal government official ceremony also expresses support for the position. In addition, Acer Acer and chongqing economy and information committee and China mobile chongqing company signed an agreement to work in the research and development of the intelligent hand-held devices, and promote the development of related software and promotion service application.

Acer Acer this attend global r&d center with the establishment ceremony of the contract signing ceremony people including: chongqing mayor HuangJiFan, deputy mayor TongXiaoPing, Acer Acer touch business group of deputy general manager banyan, chongqing the gymnospennous letter MuHuaPing, director of the committee Acer Acer touch business group of Chinese touch division ChenGuoWei general manager with China mobile chongqing company general manager QinDaBin, etc.

Acer Acer said, Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) company by the global WengJianRen concurrently general manager, President of initial investment of $4 million, is mainly specialized in smartphones and tablet computer software development, will use in the Chinese market, the user behavior. The future will gradually development, and for future production base in chongqing intelligent handheld device to create favorable conditions.

At present, the Acer Acer team of researchers has the advance with China mobile chongqing company and the local IT enterprise cooperation and successfully developed related software, can be applied to Android platform of intelligent handheld device, not only can can meet the need of chongqing, civil servants working load the China mobile recently in chongqing city "the promotion" wireless relevant application.

Acer Acer intelligence (chongqing) company and China mobile plan to further research and development of mobile electronic office, mobile electronic pay wait for new application services. Acer Acer intends to this as the starting point, and combining with China mobile, chongqing for intelligent mobile phone industry, and to discuss "terminal + service" product development way, promote additional value.

In early December last year, Acer Acer decided to collaborative foundry business and components partner, in chongqing deployment global manufacturing base, and notebook founded China the second operation headquarters. In may this year, Acer late Acer chongqing production base of goods start output. The smart phone and computer and set up r&d center, in the layout of the chongqing again deepening action.

Chongqing is the rapid rise of China IT industry city, with complete infrastructure and industrial settlements. The chongqing municipal government take "the supporting" laptop + development mode, "manufacturing industry chain extension + research", and the "trade + settlement" financial service system to promote the local electronic information industry chain to high-end direction.

Sony Ericsson PSP phone China Unicom packages available starting 0 purchase

News July 19, 2011, China Unicom WCDMA terminal chain on July 18 and 19 Summit held in Shanghai. Conference, China Unicom announced the introduction of the first smart phone Sony Ericsson game strategy Xperia PLAY Z1i, bare metal price of 4580 yuan.
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Z1i
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Z1i

China Unicom will offer this phone “to send the stored mobile phone calls” and “buy mobile phone to send calls” two contract program, the user, such as select “send phone calls stored” mode, 286 yuan to China Unicom 3G package can be realized. ” 0 purchase. ”

Xperia PLAY Z1i Sony Ericsson for this year’s star product pushing high-end strategy, using the Android 2.3 system, with a 4.0 inch multi-touch screen, 5.1 megapixel camera with the professional game control buttons. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1GHz, and Adreno 205 image processor to ensure that the PSP games on the Xperia PLAY Z1i smooth running.

Zheng Shuren, vice president of Sony Ericsson Greater China, said, Xperia PLAY Z1i has preset the balance of 10 games, providing for the listing of more than 50, before the end of this year of more than 80 models.

America’s second-largest bookstore chain, liquidation or boost consumer digital book

The United States had sought bankruptcy protection this week’s second-largest bookstore chain Borders will go bankrupt liquidation, the industry that this book will be a further blow to the paper market, to promote digital books and readers consumption.

The bookstore employs 10,000 people, is the nation’s second-largest bookstore chain. In February, the bookstore had sought bankruptcy protection, but still substantial losses, publishers are unwilling to supply books in accordance with normal conditions. On Tuesday, the bankruptcy court plans to auction assets of the court, but no bidders for fear, Borders Books cancel the auction.

The bookstore said Thursday, will require a formal insolvency liquidation bankruptcy court. It is reported that the remaining 399 from the bookstore on Friday began clearing the earliest, to the end of September, the bookstore will be completely closed down.

Borders Books CEO Michael Edward (Mike Edwards) said, the parties have made the greatest efforts, but of events that he went to “sad.”

“Wall Street Journal,” commented that this large bookstore bankruptcy, will accelerate the traditional paper-based hard and soft cover book sales decline, prompting consumers increasingly turn to Internet to buy digital books and readers, or to mail-order books.